Four Bars A Day

I don't got all the answers
I compose better questions to write chapters
What is it after? That creates bastards?
Fatherless child creating more proganda.
Slander the victim M.O. of the system.

Ash in the air, drops on the ground Globe is burning as the land drowns When fire hits ice the collision is brutal Hope balance restores before destruction is mutual

Happy indigenous people day.

I ride for those who rode before,

Death and destruction burn down their doors.

More than thousands of years for us to witness,

Offering forgiveness to the indigenous.

It was a moment of pondering assonance in lyrics, noticing the relationship between crews and cruise that produce the first line. The rest is just commentary on the media.

Sending love, strength, and healing to Houston. Do what you can.

I found inspiration in the search for music one night.

The fears of the past are lived in the present.

More reflections on fear.

More and more, I view emceeing as artform requiring a daily practice for growth of skill. However, life presents many challenges to setting up time for deliberate pratice.

4 bars a day (4BaD) is a commitment to write at least four bars everyday. 4 bars is short enough length that can be written in less than 10 minutes; making it easier to fit in a busy day. You may write more, but never less.

I’ll share some of my 4BD’s written over the past few years. Hopefully, they become a source of inspiration to develop your own writing practice.